H2D Testimonials and Reviews from Leading Stylists

“I take my H2D X3 with me everywhere i go, it’s the quintessential tool for creating soft sexy movement that rock n roll curl,it’s so easy to use plug it in clip on the required barrel and away you go as far as curling wand’s go this one tick’s all the box’s…i love it.”
Sam Overton – Creative Director TIGI / H2D AMBASSADOR – NSW Hairdresser of the Year 2011 – WINNER

“I love my H2Dx3….This curling wand is genius. Heats up to 200 degrees in seconds flat & makes curling hair so simple-styling time is easy reduced by half. With the interchangeable barrels you can achieve any curl you desire & the hair is protected by the tourmaline ceramic technology. The result, gorgeous , smooth & glossy curls every time & an on set kit that is dramatically smaller!! A must for any industry professional ”
Rachel Montgomery – Make-Up Artist of the Year 2012.. Represented by Reload Agency Sydney.

“I have be using my H2D curling wand for a couple of months now-I Love them!! In fact I wonder how I lived without them!! The H2D saves  space in the hair kit, is lightweight and heats up in no time!! I am often time poor when it comes to hair changes on jobs, my H2D never let’s me down-ready to go in seconds!! Not to mention I don’t have to struggle with a million tangled cords as there is only one!The most important thing is that the results are spectacular-lucious, glossy curls and waves! Can’t ask for more than than that-I am a massive fan!
Lilly Miljkovic  – leading stylist make up artist

“I LOVE my H2D tools! They have halved the time it takes to create amazing sexy lazy curls and my clients love them too! They tick every box for me and made my kit a lot lighter… Fantastic Tools!
Steve Winder – Fantastic Hairdresser Company Australia, Educator, Salon Coach

“The X3 by H2D is such a unique tool. It’s a versatile curling wand with different attachments so you don’t need as many hot tools in your kit anymore. It takes curling to another level, much quicker and less product is needed. This is a must have for every stylist and I’m proud to endorse the H2DX3.”
Tracey Hughes –  Leading Australian Hairdresser, Educator 2012

“So easy to use and so perfect for travel they have made my life so much easier, As an Editorial Stylist Id recommend them to anyone they create the most amazing curls and movement in hair …What a great design ..no messy handles and they are light and pack away easily !! Definatley a MUST HAVE !!!”
Michael Brennan – Stylist to the stars

“The H2D x3 has completely replaced every other iron in my kit! I am addicted and use it for everything now. It is so fast and the heat settings make it 100% useable on every head. LOVE it.”
Sarah Laidlaw – Very talented leading Australian Stylist

“The team @ Strobe can’t live with out the X3 every team member in the salon has one in there kit. Not surprising as they heat up quick and give an amazing curl/ wave or just good old texture fast. With the additional attachments constantly coming out its exciting to see what’s next from H2D If your a session stylist and don’t have one in your kit your missing out they create a strong flexible Curl.”
Keith Archer @strobe hair and Makeup – recently worked on the ‘Voice’ with the H2D X3

” H2D have developed the perfect styling tool, an interchangeable 3 headed curling wand which allows you to create a myriad of different curls ranging from tights curls through to barrel curls, the tourmaline infused wand means hair is protected against breakage and heat damage, resulting in soft lustrous curls which retain their shape for days on end. It fits easily into kit and the heatproof glove protects against burns, a fantastic all round product I would highly recommend.”
Scandizzo – Celebrated Hair Stylist

“The H2D is a product that totally makes sense with it’s three different size barrels, I love the heat glove because I can use the palm of my hand to smooth the hair over the heat of the tong. It has been a huge hit this year in my REDKEN – Runway to Reality workshops.”
Lorna Evans – Zumay Hair – VIC Hairdresser of the Year 2011 – WINNER

“We both really love these curling irons, they heat super fast, the 
changeable sizes make them so convenient for travel, especially when 
normally having to lug around so many tools for work, it’s a genius 
solution for packing light, and ultimately they perform superbly!”
Robert & Karen Bava

“The H2D X3 is most certainly a favourite Hair Tool of Mine that is always in my kit bag it has amazing technology and delivers a variety of lasting results everytime that you just cannot get from any other hair curler”
Jade M Cohen – Stevie English Hair Sydney