H2D X3 Curling Wand with Sam Overton

Tigi Creative Director and H2D Ambassador Sam Overton shows off the versatility of the H2D X3 curling wand.

The NEW H2D X3 2nd Edition -

The must have styling tool! New Package now
includes a conical wand and 2 barrels.

AU$ 264.95 FREE Delivery

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See the Crave it...  mentioned in the video


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X3 Curling Wand

x3-homeAlready a huge hit in the US, now H2D have taken Curling to another level with the H2D X3 Curling Wand - 2nd Edition is the styling tool of the year.


ls-homeThe highly acclaimed LINEAR Series is getting rave reviews from all corners of the styling and fashion industries.